BUG Simple Rule Turn on lights Sunset -30m (executed @ ~ -90m)

So, I set up a 'simple' rule some months ago (post switch to EDT), turn a few lights on all of the time at sunset -30m. This worked fine UNTIL TODAY.

Today I come in at c. 420p EST and those LIGHTS are ON already. Sunset is still an hour AWAY.

Look at log, they turned on at c. 354p EST (or ~ -90m BEFORE sunset).

Looks to me like there is some kind of EDT/EST/timezone bug.

Location is CORRECT.

HE time is CORRECT.

Cannot explain otherwise, I see no errors in the brief glance that I gave to the logs to check the time they came on. AND it is ONLY the lights that this simple -30m before sunset rule APPLIES to that turned on...

I have a VERY SIMPLE setup ATM of c. 15 zigbee lights (IIRC), so it's not a case of an overloaded 'server' going ape----...

Also might merge with the other identical topic...

I have the Alexa skill and Google home integration installed.

I have the dashboard and simple Android 'app' installed.

simple rules machine, rules machine, mode manager, and groups and scenes...

fw v.


is the suggested merge target... thanks