[BUG] - Rule Machine 4.0 Boolean Variables

While testing a rule, I believe I found a bug related to setting both local and global boolean variables in RM 4.0.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new Rule 4.0
  2. Create a local variable. Type: boolean; Initial value: true
  3. Create an action for the rule to set your variable. How to set: logical; First variable: {your variable}; Operator: NOT
  4. Save and run the rule

Expected Result:
The boolean is toggled every time the rule runs. If the current value is true, running the rule will set it to false. If currently false, running the rule will set it to true.

Actual Result:
The variable toggles correctly from true to false. However, once false, running the rule does not change the variable again (it stays false).

Yep, found and fixed. Fix will be in next release.


Perfect, thank you!