[BUG REPORT] Visual Rules - Multiple Triggers/Conditions

My 7 year old daughter has been playing with the visual rule builder. She set up an automation with a time of day trigger (9am) and an additional day of week condition (M-F) with one turn off action (turn off her bedroom lights/fans). However this is not working. If I delete the day of week condition, it works fine.

What are we doing wrong? Can we not use a trigger with an additional condition?

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Bumping this. I feel like this is a bug. Since there are only two condition options and since there is the option to add a second trigger/condition, I would think adding a day of week condition to a time of day trigger should work. I tried it again with only one action device and same thing - if I have both the trigger and the secondary condition, the action doesn’t happen. If I delete the secondary condition, it works fine.

I'm giving this a bump too. I have a visual rule with two "time of day" conditions joined with an OR. The rule never triggers at the first "time of day" (9:30 pm), but it does trigger at the second (11:30 pm).

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Well it seems this may be a bug - topic title changed.

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I have a similar experience. Created a very simple test rule - if a switch turns on and a temperature sensor is over 70deg,, send a notification. Works without the condition. With the condition added, the log shows that the condition is false, even though the measured temperature is 72.
I did note that the condition is "temperature has risen above...". However, in the past with other apps, I was told that these kinds of conditions are not event driven, so it should be true anytime the temperature is over 70, rather than only when it passes from below the threshold to above.
Unless the conditions in this app work differently than in others.

How do we get someone from Hubitat to fix this bug?