Bug report - RM activating a scene

I have a rule that handles illuminance level in a hallway (circulação) and adjusts a light bulb to compensate.
The illuminance level is provided by an Aeotec TriSensor and the light build is a Philips Hue one.
This is the rule:

The scene can be activated manually, no problem here.
The problem is that, when the rule is activated, I get an error when the RM tries to activate the scene.
This is the log with the error:

I've inserted debugging information in the code so I could track exactly where the problem occurs, as can be seen at the code and log info.

EDIT: After the error (java.lang.NumberFormatException) the specific rule stopped completely. Not running anymore. Needed to reboot hub - but to no avail, since the rule runs again and ... fails again.

EDIT 2: It is not only the specific rule that is dead - it's the whole RM that's dead!

A hotfix for a presumably different RM bug is coming soon (or may have just been released). You might want to see if that solves your problem. What firmware version are you running?

Also, you may want to know that turning on "Action" logging would probably do the same thing you're doing with all the Log actions in your rule, except it would be a lot easier to read. :slight_smile:

And be a LOT less overhead for Rule Machine since it is doing that anyway and just only displaying it if you have it checked. All that logging is already built into the app.

Hi guys!

My HE is running and the problem changed somewhat:

  • still getting the java error
  • the specific rule stops being triggered
  • RM now keeps running

This is the error log

And thank you all for the tip about logging - inserting the logging myself was painful ...

Let's wait for a solution - so far I can see that Hubitat is fast moving and probably won't take long to solve.