Bug Report: Alfred Lock device Refreshing

Hi Brian21,

I am running on my HE c-7 with no issues refreshing. But I'm using S2 Access Control.
Glad I check, it's time to replace the batteries


Alfred suggested I try re-pairing my lock. I did that and it's reporting status just fine. I guess there had been some problem in the original pairing, although it seemed to complete properly. Both times I successfully paired the lock (with multiple failures), I got the following selection box and kept the defaults shown.

I was able to get my status to update again by using the Reliable Lock virtual device from this article: [Release] Reliable Locks

This isn't an actual fix but more of a workaround. It's a mild inconvenience but at least it appears to be working again. The main downside is that it could potentially drain your batteries faster depending on how you configure the virtual device. It will trigger a refresh after a few seconds but I think there was another option to also poll the device on a regular interval. The continued polling could impact battery life.