Bug Report: Adding 2nd hub same browser session - fails to discover 2nd hub

Test Case ..

  • Purchase two hubs (configuring one after another), 2nd for vacation home.

Both hubs never powered by consumer

Browser: Safari on Mac (latest build)

  1. HUB1: wire 1dt hub, log into portal, configure hub name, find location on map, update firmware
  2. HUB1: install a few apps; check for more new firmware (none)
  3. HUB1: settings, graceful shutdown .. wait for red light
  4. HUB1: swap power and ethernet
  5. HUB2: log into portal, shows 1st hub .. no new hub button (discovery failed)
  6. HUB2: leave safari running, run chrome log into portal, shows 1st hub .. new hub button (discovery worked)

minor .. can be covered by a FAQ or support note.