Bug? Number of available devices for dashboards differ between EZ and Legacy

Very minor thing I think I noticed. I created a Webcore Tile device. This can be seen in the list when using the legacy dashboards, but not in EZ (understandable), but the main number of devices listed and available is still the same for both dashboard types.

So hypothesis is that the full number of devices is shown, but if I would count the devices in the list, I would have fewer in the EZ dashboard as some are not available for use.

I.e. perhaps there should also be a counter for devices available to use in each scenario?

I too use webcore gauges that are not available in the EZ dashboards, are we to assume this is work in progress?

No need to assume, staff have mentioned in other threads that easy dashboards are indeed a work in progress :slightly_smiling_face:.

They are open to feature requests, although some suggestions might not be implemented if there’s concern it’ll stray too far from the “easy” moniker that distinguishes the new dashboards from the older, classic dashboard interface.