[BUG] Latest Hubitat iOS App 1.2.8 - Presence/Geofence is Broken


My wife just arrived home in the car "why hasn't the floodlight come on?"

I had a look at the logs and there are no events logged for her phone since yesterday. I noticed the app has updated. I logged out of the app on her phone and back in again, clicked 'send geo event' - nothing logged. The same is happening with my iPhone. I've checked permissions and location is allowed always for Hubitat. Anyone got any ideas? (I don't want to use any other apps etc for presence)

Edit: OK if I send 'Departed' from the device commands panel I get 'departed' in the log. Following that with 'send geo event' in the app gives me 'arrived' in the log. I guess 'send geo event' will only send an 'arrived' if the current state is 'not present'. However nothing is sent when we enter or leave the configured geofence. We've never had an issue until today.

I've been gone for 2 days yet the app still shows me as present when I check the status. I'm 180 miles away.... Also 1.2.8.

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Tagging @support_team

Please can you check this possible bug. Presence no longer working since update to 1.2.8.

Ugh - A low WAF Christmas for me! :laughing:

I've recently switched to using Locative and it's been awesome. Locative for presence sensing
I hope that some day the Hubitat app presence can be relied upon, but meanwhile I use a combination of "iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor" and Locative. Combined Presence uses the combo and with that I've finally reach the holy grail of "reliable enough**" presence.

**I still wouldn't rely upon presence for opening locks and garages, but that's my risk aversion. But for lighting etc. I'm happy to do so.

As mentioned I don’t want to use another app. I have no real need as I don’t use modes. For me this is used for just one rule to turn on a floodlight when we arrive home in darkness.

It’s not so much that the Hubitat app is unreliable. It appears to be completely broken by the latest Hubitat iOS app update. Some response would be appreciated…..

Same here, yesterday night I was home watching TV and yet the HE app set me departed then arrived 3-4 times. Yet Alexa app and Locative app kept me home all this time, this is definitely an app bug and has nothing to do with poor GPS signal or something else.


Love HE as a hub, but the geofence feature of the iOS app has never been reliable. Now that I've abandoned it, I'm much happier. Locative is solid. Apple Presence works for me, but strangely not for my wife. IP Presence is great for arrival, but slow for departure. Locative is the only one that hits all the right notes for both me and my wife's iPhones. FWIW. Merry Christmas

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Apologies in advance for any offence this causes, but unfortunately you've missed the point of the post several times. I appreciate you're perhaps trying to help but I specifically stated I had no interest in using any other app. I'm trying to highlight an (potential) issue with the Hubitat app update:

For my needs it has worked perfectly and reliably until the app update appears to have broken it, so that it doesn't work at all, reliably or otherwise.

Your post may be better placed in the Lounge section which is there for open discussion. Here's a title suggestion - 'I Love Locative/Hubitat Presence Sucks Balls' (your opinion, not mine)

Merry Christmas all - apologies again, it's not my intent to cause offence, I just get a little tetchy when a basic polite request is ignored. Everyone feel free to flag my post for attention. The attention would actually be quite welcome - staff might read the OP and at the very least acknowledge or dismiss an issue with the iOS app.

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Wow. Glad you didn't mean to cause offense. Really was trying to be helpful. Spoiler: NONE of us want to use another app for geopresence. However, many of us have had no choice. Glad it's always worked for you. Must be your winning Christmas spirit. Cheers.

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