Bug in rule machine cannot edit or specify who to send a message to

see pictures.. no ption to change or even add a new action.. for send a message there is no option to enter which notify device/who.

this is a rule 4.1 rule


Works for me:

Open the rule, then open App Status page. In Application State there is a state variable called 'installedCapabs'. Post a screenshot of that.

Well, please try 5.1. I missed this detail, but will check 4.1 too.

ok weird .. trying to rewrite rule in 5 and the notification works ok.. but i cannot enter the time between 9 and 12.. there is no option for between just sunrise , sunset and time is..

how is it done in rule 5?

found it sorry between is separate action

Rule 4.1 also works for me, for adding Send Message to an existing 4.1 rule.

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separate condition

ya working now in rule 4.1 as well must have been some sort of browser hiccup.. as you can see in the pic above the section with the "use notification device pulldown" was missing.. now it works..
oh well sorry for the bother.. i am deleting the 4.1 rule anyway now that i wrote the 5.1 version.

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