Bug in mode change?

my wife accidentally hit the bedtime routine button before she left the house this morning which puts the hub into night mode. She then left the house, the hub went into away mode and then when she returned around 1:42pm, the house went back into night mode. Based on my setting (screenshot attached) the hub should have gone into day mode from away not back into night mode. Is this a bug or is there an error in my setup? Our mode changes have always worked fine other than this instance.

Is it possible the Night virtual switch was still on when she returned?

The virtual switch in Hubitat is set to auto off after 5 seconds so it acts like a momentary switch. Although I wonder how this works with google. If she somehow turned on the switch from Google, the virtual switch should automatically turn off on the hub and then this should be reflected on Google. I wonder if a longer auto off delay on the virtual switch is needed?

With the switch being momentary, I would think the mode should have returned to Day. This might be something for @bravenel to take a look at. I am curious, if you are in a mode other than the one you should be in (based on time), when the mode switches to Away, does that have any affect on the shadowMode and Return from Away?

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Yeah just thinking about this more and looking at the logs, I just don't understand why the hub went back into night mode from away.

When she accidentally triggered google to turn on the virtual switch for the bedtime routine, Hubitat would have turned this switch back off after the 5 second interval dictated in the virtual switch preferences and when she came home later, that switch would have been off and, based on the time properties setup in mode manager, the hub should have went into day mode, not night.

@bjcowles, that must be the issue; what you alluded to, that the hub went back into the mode it left (which in this case accidentally wasn't the right mode) when going into and out of away mode. I bet when the hub is in away mode, it notes the set time that it would normally change from day to evening to night and then goes to that mode when you return but if time doesn't pass those set points, it probably reverts back to the same mode it left.

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