Bug in Basic Rules? (Action)(wait next day)(action)

I think this might be a bug in Basic Rules. I have a rule to turn on kids sound machine at 8:30pm, followed by a wait, turn off at 8:15am.

The turn on triggers daily, but never triggers off. Looking at the events, I see the “DoAction” is set for tomorrow @ 8:30pm (today is 01/28/2023) and “resumeX” for tomorrow @ 8:15am.

I assume doaction needs to trigger first, which it did tonight. With this logic the ResumeX will never be reached.

My OCD doesn’t like this “action + wait + do action” but I’m trying to use the new features. What am I doing wrong?


Maybe you could try it in Simple Automation rules.Just a thought.Set up on time and off time and see if it works.And welcome to Hubitat Community!

Thank you. I have, and you’re correct it does work with the older, Simple Automations. I’m more curious why it doesn’t with Basic Rules and if it’s a bug, hoping to get it in front of Hubitat staff.

Why do you say that? It's going to run at 8:15 AM to pick up from the wait, and then again at 8:30 PM to start over. It should do exactly what you want.

Was curious,did it work with the original basic rule like Bravenel said it should?

Thanks for the replies. I wanted to run a couple tests last night and into this morning to validate. As you would expect, everything worked without issue this morning.

The nights it wasn't working, I must have click a SAVE button or the hub rebooted between when it first fired and was waiting on the "resumeX" to run.

I'll conceded, this is not a bug. However, a possible feature request for Basic Rules: Allow Trigger 2 + Action 2, etc, to be called even if the Hub is rebooted, or similar during it's run. Turn On + Turn Off at different times works like this in Smart Lighting / Simple Automation, from what i remember.


Rebooting the hub should have on effect on this, except in the case where a scheduled event happens when the hub is down or rebooting. Otherwise, apps are not directly affected by a reboot.

Ok, thank you

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