Bug - hub dashboard link broken .. suddenly going to wrong ip

suddenly all the dashboard links from the web ui are broken and going to wrong ip address. will update after reboot..

working fine after reboot.. nothing was in the logs..

the rest of the web ui seemed to be fine ie apps and logs and devices all come up ok with correct ip

I’ve seen the hub give itself an IP address like that when it can’t reach a DHCP server.

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@marktheknife is correct. That is a self-assigned IP address. Did the hub restart before the router was up and running?

ya it could have restarted .. but the hub itself did not have that address. as i said the hub worked from the std address as always .. the wife plugged the vacuum into a spare strip outlet that was plugged into an ups that had the hub and wifi router on it.. immediately went down as the vacuum uses like 3000 watts.. lol

so maybe the bug is

  1. the hub cannot get an address as router is not up..
  2. assigns tempory ip address and boots up
  3. later hub gets correct address via dchp but DOES NOT update the dashboard links in the UI (somewhere in nvram i assume)?

should be easy enough to test and verify.

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