Bug - HE Dashboard 12 hours off

On my Dashboard, I pick a device, click the three-dot, and choose History.
The times displayed for its events are off by +12 hours. Events that occurred at xxAM shows up as xxPM. (It's 11am as I write this)
This is consistent across devices. I've rebooted the hub, verified my location, and switched back and forth between 12-hour and 24-hour time. Same results. All dashboard event times are shown as +12 hours from reality,

Known issue. Display only, no impact to rules, etc. WIll be fixed soon though it sounds like. See this: Time stamp bug?

OK, thanks.

I just updated to the hotfix released a few hours ago and it resolved it for me. Hopefully it will fix it for you as well.

Nope - still showing +12 for me.

Nope - still showing +12 for me.

I show more than just dashboards off and not just by 12 hours. I have last activity entries off by odd amounts 5 hours in one case.

@bobbyD just an FYI for you ^^^

Note I’m not having the same issue, but you should be aware a few users are experiencing it. Just posting here in case you hadn’t been contacted by them directly.

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