Bug Fix in Rule 4.0

In the latest beta release, 2.1.7 there is a bug fix in Rule Machine that deserves a short explanation:

When using variables in various actions that allow them to be used instead of numbers, including delays, the UI did not update the display for the current value of the variable in some contexts. The bug fix addresses this shortcoming -- for the most part the UI will display in parentheses the current value of the variable being used in an action.

With respect to using a variable in the delay portion of an action, in the seconds field of the delay, this displayed value was only updated when the action was edited. Consequently, it was pretty useless. This bug fix corrects that shortcoming. However, the fix won't take effect until the action is edited. In the meantime, you will see a goofy looking display for such a variable based delay. Like this:

When you see a display like that, you can either live with it (the first parenthetical value is the correct current value for the variable), or you can edit the action to correct it once and for all.

When you first open it for editing the action itself is still the way you set it up, but notice that the line above still looks goofy with the two values shown. When you hit "Done with this action" it gets fixed:

Please note that these fixes are all cosmetic. These rules worked correctly, but just didn't show a good current value for the variable.

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