Bug? editing wait for event

The test rule below was for some testing and in the coarse of this I found a certain sequence of editing on a wait for event that causes an issue.

Step 1: Create a wait for event with just one wait. It can be a switch turn on, power changed, whatever and save it.
Step 2: Then edit the wait for event you just created and add a wait for certain time. You then have to hit done twice to save it.
Step 3: Edit the wait for event again. Then just cancel editing action
Step 4: Now create a new wait for event. When the new event edit opens it shows the last certain time event from the previous edit. If you cancel, it will exit but will also delete the certain time event from the previous wait for event. If you delete the wait event and create a new one, it will also replace the last wait event form the previous wait for event.

It's a minor thing and most people would probably never see it unless they just happen to go through the specific sequence of editing I did.

I was trying to figure out how to stop a double trigger from the wait for event from running everything after the wait twice. When you turned off the outlet you get two triggers, power changes and the switch turned off. By adding the wait for event elapsed time it stopped it.

I found, however, that the double trigger is due to a driver issue. I had two identical devices one would trigger twice one would not. I had remembered they were 2 different types of plugs, but actually I was using a different driver on each. I was going to ask here if anyone else had seen that. When I went to verify the type plugs is when I realized they were the same. The plug using the HE built in driver only triggered once the other was a user contributed driver and it was the issue..

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