Bug? - Deleting required expression from rule leaves you stranded

If you take a rule with a required expression and decide to delete it. You can delete it but then you are stuck on a screen that is expecting you to add another required expression. If you had not intended to replace it then there is no Done or other button to get back. Hitting the back several times will produce error messages but will get you back to the apps screen. You can then edit the rule as usual with the required expression now gone.

This appears to possibly be a browser issue. The page that first comes up is replaced by the correct page after a brief delay. If you are stuck on that first page, try hitting refresh. Here is what the first (interim) page looks like:

Testing this, I cannot get it to fail, but I do see a delay long enough for me to take that screenshot.

I will say I have seen this as well. I have had a delay long enough that I thought it was stuck, but it eventually continued.

I'm not sure what's going on, although this involves a self generated page refresh, which is where it appears to hangup. If you ever see it again, see if refreshing the page yourself fixes is. Do not use back.

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Not sure if you can classify it as a bug, but there is more going on here.

I just did some experiments and if I delete the required expression and do nothing, it takes about 12 seconds for the required expression screen to clear, and then all is well. So you just need to wait.

If you touch the drop down and start building a new condition, or if I refresh the screen then the dropdown to add another required expression will not clear. Then it starts doing weird stuff.

This is the rule I used for testing, just a simple test rule I had for testing something in pushover I was having issues with some time ago.

I added a bogus required expression and then deleted it.

If I delete the required expression and then started building another condition instead of waiting for the screen to clear, then after I build the new expression and say I am done it comes back to a screen with the required expression deleted. There is no option to create another required expression, however. If I refresh the screen it comes back normal with the required expression slider.

If I try and build a new required expression after the refresh I get this. No expression is listed but I have the option to edit something. If I click edit expression it just shows a broken expression.

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Why? Wasted post IMO.

I agree. Two wasted post is better than one.

I didn't see that as a waste. More of a development of the thread to provide more information on what is going on to help diagnose and/or fix it. Which is exactly why I took the time to post in the first place - to help improve things.

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You asked, and that is your response that it was a wasted post. I did a few extra steps since I was looking at it. Someone who does not realize it's going to go away may very well click the box, and start building another expression since they don't see anything else. Also if they click the refresh as you suggested it would stop the box from clearing. 12 seconds is not that long, but longer than you realize when looking at a screen that does not seem to be updating. Obviously @simon4 did not realize it would clear and I think the first time it happened to me I clicked the dropdown and started building an expression to see what would happen. I had figured out on my own that it would finally clear but I thought it might help others to post the results. Sorry your customers wasted your time.

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