[Bug] [Dashboard] Wrong dashboards being opened on v1.0.9

Hi Guys,

Just updated to v1.0.9 and noticed that on my dashboard if I click on other dashboard tiles its opening to the wrong dashboard.

I tried to just update the dashboard tile and fully refreshed the window but its not working properly.

All dashboard tiles seem to just open to the same dashboard (which seems to be randomly chosen)

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I too am seeing this.

Me 3. It also seems to have reset the font size.

Moi aussi. I can only access one dashboard from my main menu but can use the link on that dashboard to return to the main menu.

Confirmed. A workaround is to use the link tile template to the dashboard until we can get a fix deployed.

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We just put up a hot fix for this.


Works great, thanks for going that extra mile!

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