BUG: Cannot Enter Confirmation Code on iOS

Attempting to enter email confirmation code into the Hubitat iOS app on my wife's iPhone running latest version of iOS.

-The screen behind the keyboard doesn't scroll up or down
-Clicking Continue from the Email field does not advance to the next input
-Clicking Return from the Code field does not submit the form

Screen grab attached.

What if you go to landscape mode?

If you're using Safari, tap the little A/big A symbol next to the URL, and you can shrink the page, or request the desktop version. Perhaps one of those will help.

Turning the phone to a landscape orientation yields the same result.

Using the Hubitat iOS app, not Safari.

There is an option in the iPhone settings to turn off the word suggestions right above the keyboard. It looks like, from your photo, that if you do that you may be able to get the password entered. Then you can turn that back on.

To toggle that it's Settings -> General -> Keyboard and then look for Predictive and toggle that. Hope that gets you going.

Disabling General-Keyboard-Predictive permitted me to enter the verification code but there’s no way to submit the form.

This is pretty clearly a bug.

Perhaps try changing the iOS Font Size to a smaller font? Just a guess.

I'm seeing this in Android too running the latest version of Firefox. In Chrome when you attempt to scroll, the top & bottom browser bars disappear and you can see everything.

Galaxy S7 running Android 8, latest versions of Firefox and Chrome