I don’t know if this is a weird question or not, but when I am working on “Hubitat” stuff I think I would be more productive if I I had a tab in Safari open for devices, apps, logs and dashboard. Question is, is this Ok. If I change something in on tab will it affect the others. It would be more efficient to just switch between tabs to change things.

Some things will dynamically refersh, others will make you reload the page. Dashboard states and device attributes under "Current States" on the device page are two things I can think of that update in real time, as will the "Logs" (live logs). The actual device and app list will not, nor will the contents of most apps (but depending on how the app was written, sometimes some may). Other parts of device pages (e.g., "state" data, preference values, and the type/driver, device name or label, etc., should you happen to change them on another page) also do not.

I'd say lots of people keep multiple tabs open while they're working on things--I know do--and you should be fine! Just keep in mind if you are looking at something that doesn't dynamically update. Most things you change shouldn't cause problems elsewhere.

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Thanks for the reply. I will get to it.

I would like to add just a small statement to your already awesome explanation. Close your browsers down when your done. If you accidentally use the cloud version of a dashboard, it can also cause issues if you leave it open indefinitely when you're on your home network. So best practice would be to close when you're done.


I was just wondering about that. Now I know. You guys are good, I don't even have to ask questions any more.