Broken Lutron app

I did it. I was trying to enter devices too fast into the Lutron integrator app. I was using tab and hit backspace while typing, sent my browser "back" in the middle of entering a device and now the Lutron Integrator instance wont open. I get this in the log now when trying to access the instance.

Is there a way to fix this without removing and recreating the entire instance? Main app is fine, just my integration instance (the important part :hushed: ) that gives "Unexpected Error" and the log above.

UPDATE - I tried to restore from the latest backup but that did not seem to change anything :frowning:

Last time this happened. I restored a backup. Crazy how one letter could do. You have to restore the backup before the changes.

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Odd I did one back up from this morning (before changes) no dice. I did one from yesterday morning and now it is fine. OK, I'll take it, thank you, Game on!!