Broken Condition Not Accessible for Deletion

Continuing the discussion from Removing invalid conditions when device is removed:

It seems to me it would be fairly easy to include broken conditions in the "delete" drop down so they could be deleted.

I'd rather let the "compiler" tell me what's broken and then go fix it rather than go back and forth trying to make everything perfect for the "compiler".

I've encounter several instances where the "device" page says a rule is using the device when it isn't.



There is no 'compiler' involved. The app is dealing with the inputs you give it. If you mess those up by removing devices before cleaning up your apps, an app like Rule Machine has no way to know that has happened behind its back. These outcomes are 100% in your hands, and there is no "fairly easy" way to recover from these missteps.

If you provide specific details when this happens, steps could be taken to deal with it. Older app versions did not do such a good job of removing dangling references to devices. That has been mostly cleaned up. But, specific examples of where it happens might lead to improvements.

As it stands, your post provides no useful information, just vague complaints without context or specifics.

I know there is no compiler involved. Thus the use of quotation marks.

I was expressing the notion of letting the Rule Machine telling the user where the problem is so the user can correct it.

In this circumstance, the Rule Machine editor does point out where the problem is, it just doesn't provide the means to correct it.

I don't know the inner workings of the RM editor. I was just suggesting that if it can show the errors, why can't the error condition be listed in the DDLBs so they can be edited or deleted?

I think I mentioned two specific issues. What do I need to clarify?

I'll attach screen shots...

For the issue where the device page said it was in use by a Rule, It was a Kasa Switch that at one time was used by the rule but all references to the switch in the rule had been removed.

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