Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

Those claim to be Pronto hex codes. I support importing Pronto codes in the app (on the "Manage saved codes and import new codes" page).

I was able to import the "Main Zone ON" code in the .xls you linked. Try importing some to see if they work.

You import them into my app, then use the app to sync them to one of your Broadlink virtual devices.

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Yes, I tried it but the imported code didn't work. I'll try again with another one and post a feedback.

Is your AVR specifically called out as supported by that document? Note that it is from 2014, so it's possible that they may not directly apply and you may have to try multiple ones until you find one that works. It's a little bit like programming an old-school universal remote. :wink:

If your AVR is claimed as supported by that document, and if none of the codes work, I have some other ideas to try. Hit me up by PM and we can try to figure it out.

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For the MAC, I am actually thinking a separate attribute so it will be available directly to other things (with proper formatting also, since it appears they do not put the : in). I did see it in the devdetails, but it is not "usable" as is without further processing.

Gotcha for the rest of the stuff. Clearing the import field when done is fine (or on app load if that is easier).

Yeah, I am fighting for dynamic again... But it is getting zero responses or attention so I guess I am one of very few that care apparently. Maybe if more developers had to deal with tons of different child devices...

@tomw incredible work, thank you very much for reviving this integration.
I have 3 units and need another, does anyone know if the current crop of RM Mini 4's work with this or is broadlink up to their old tricks again?

Second, is there a database for IR codes for an older Denon AVR S700W? I used to get all my codes through an Android app called "Anymote" by color tiger, but app appears to be abandoned, likely due to removal of the IR emitter in 99% of all cellphones.
PS-got the AVR free from my recycle yard, it was DOA but a youtube video revealed these units commonly blow a fuse, and after fixing the fuse, it works great.

Quick clarification -- I didn't revive it. This is all new code from the ground up.

I expect all RM4 devices to work. Obviously things could always break in the future, but this is meant to support RM3 and RM4 devices and be future-proofed for new devices.

Second, is there a database for IR codes for an older Denon AVR S700W?

I don't know, but if you find a list of codes that are referred to as Pronto codes it may work. And I added support in my app to import Pronto codes in the hopes that someone would resurrect an old device just like you want to. :slight_smile:

So, let me know what you find and if I can help with making it work. FYI, @marcusvrsilva seems to be on a similar quest: Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini, RM4 Pro, etc) - #19 by marcusvrsilva

EDIT: here's at least one code to try: RC: Denon S700W - bluetooth input

EDIT2: this might be the mother lode (if they work):


Then an even "yoojer" thanks is in order !


I have 5 RM3s, controlling 5 Fujistu mini-splits and my TV/Cable/Audio system on this driver for four days with 100% reliability. I also tested this code while it was in Beta.

@tomw is a very competent, fast, and accurate coder. Thank you for doing this! I'm so pleased to have disabled the old code and devices that will be removed in a few more days.


I just posted v0.9.3, which updates the App UI to use buttons.

Thanks to @arnb for teaching me a good pattern for working with buttons in Apps and for his persistence in encouraging me to use them. :wink:

I also added the importUrl to library, driver and app. Only the driver import function works on my system for some reason, so I'd appreciate feedback on whether it works for others

Important Note: If you manually installed, this update requires you to update ALL of library, app and driver code (in that order). But HPM will handle the full update automatically.


So, @marcusvrsilva and @Rxich : did it work with your Pronto codes?

I just installed my first device, have 2 more to go. Went very smoothly. I used HPM to install, it only installed the driver and imported the app code(app not actually installed), but I'm thinking that's purposeful, as you advise to only install the app after setting up all devices.
It's working fantastic. As I said 2 more devices(mini4 & RmPro) to setup and my receiver is packed away for some home renovations, so it'll be a bit before I can test the Denon codes.

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You can totally install and use the App once you have your first virtual device configured. It just isn't required unless you want to back up your saved codes from the virtual device to the App.

But Pronto import is only supported in the app, so you'll need it when you are ready to start trying that out.

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Hi @tomw !

Yes, it worked fine! Before I had not attempted about the field difference between Hex and Pronto codes. Once I populated the Pronto code field it was normally imported. The codes I´m importing are for Denon devices produced from 2014 until now.

Now, a question and a suggestion.

The question: the app don´t "see" the virtual devices from previous discontinued app version, but I have access to the codes stored at the devices page. The problem is that I couldn´t simply copy and paste the codes, or I didn´t know how to make it work. Some tip?

The suggestion: is it possible to organize the codes by its names? It would be useful when using a simple actuator to control many devices, like in a home theater.

And thanks, thanks and thanks a lot for your app, it´s really a life savior! I´ll use it to preventively substitute my Harmony remote and control several mini-splits, as it is working like a charm!

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Actually, you can. :slight_smile:

In my Broadlink System Manager app, on the "Manage saved codes and import..." page, use the Import hex codes section.

Just copy the entire codeStore contents from the old integration here and click Import. Then they'll show up in my app and you can send them off to virtual devices based on my driver from there.

The suggestion: is it possible to organize the codes by its names?

I think you mean alphabetically, and the answer is unfortunately no, based on how they're stored in the State storage provided by Hubitat drivers and apps.

The codes I´m importing are for Denon devices produced from 2014 until now.

Just to be clear, you imported them and they're working with your AVR? That would be very exciting for me to know, if so. :slight_smile:

You'll like my next feature if you are a user of Harmony activities. Stay tuned for info on that.


I can´t wait for it!!!
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I was trying to import only sections of the code, importation of all the section content worked fine.

And yes, the codes imported to my AVR are also working!

Greetings directly from Brazil, @tomw!

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You can import anything of the form:

name1=code1, name2=code2, with or without the "{" and "}" parts, and with one or more codes as long as they're comma-separated.

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As I put this into service in my home, I saw that many of my automations required sending multiple codes to configure the electronics correctly.

So, I developed a feature that allows running sequences. This feature allows using a single driver command call to send a sequence of single codes, repeated codes, and delays between codes.

This is conceptually similar to the difference between starting a Harmony Activity vs. pushing all of the buttons individually to accomplish the same thing.

Sequences are defined and edited by typing into a simple string format that I created for this feature.

I have it working now, but I'd like to get some more testing and feedback on features and reliability before I release it. Please let me know if anyone is interested in being a beta tester.


Of course I may test it, will be a pleasure! Another thing I thought is if there is how to expose the name of the saved commands when we are creating a tile in a dashboard.

By example: to send a command through a dashboard tile, I select the actuator and create a button with the name of the command in the field Button Number.

This field contains a drop-down list where would be great to have the possibility to select the commands, but I believe that this could require access to Hubitat internal code that isn´t available...

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