Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

No, now that I understand your use-case better I can say that sequences are not going to solve it for you directly.

My advice would be to use a virtual switch and use Rule Machine to makes its actions for on and off translate to button presses on your Broadlink virtual device.

I'm not familiar with doing that.
Any instructions you might have?

  • Create a virtual device of type "Virtual Switch" (this is built-in to Hubitat and not part of my integration).
  • Create a new Rule Machine rule. Its trigger event should be the Virtual Switch being turned on or off.
  • Make the rule actions for that trigger be pushing a button, and for the button number enter your code name or even a sequence as described in the post I linked.

That should do it. I use an ancient version of Rule Machine so some of the terminology may be slightly different, but the basic idea is pretty much the same.

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Is it me, or am I not seeing the Broadlink Remote available as a switch or button to use with RM to send codes?

Oh, you're right -- you can't select a Button device directly (long story on why I removed that).

Do it like this:


That works!
I created a Virtual Switch, then the rule which is currently working.
Anything I should do differently?
2023-06-11 16_51_22-V Red Dot - Brave

I do see a delay where I'll have to push the virtual button twice to get it to work, however.
This doesn't happen every time either.
I'm guessing the delay is with the RMPro+.

That looks good to me!

There shouldn't be a delay in operation. If you flip the virtual switch, do you see the LED on the RM light up each time (which indicates that it is sending a code)?

I do. Now working on the other 'switches'.

If the LED lights up each time, that indicates that it is at least sending something.

I see two possibilities if you have to send it twice to get it to work:

The device you are trying to control needs a "wake up" signal before it is ready to act. I have a device like this, where I have to push any button to wake it up and then it will respond correctly the next time I push a button. Frustrating.

The code you're sending is on the edge of unreliability. You could try learning it again to see if you can get a different capture that may be more reliable.

Thanks. I'll keep this in mind.
Right now it seems to have settled and is working correctly turning the switch on/off when pushing it only once.

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Hello @Martin_P , I am trying to do a similar thing with creating a TV remote control on a dashboard. Could you advise how you saved the channels and created the buttons to execute sending out the various codes saved into the Broadlink App?

Not @Martin_P, but I have set up multiple remote dashboards to control TV systems. First step is to create a virtual button device but assign it as many buttons as you want. Don't create a virtual button for each action or will you will end up with a ton of devices.

Next, using either Rule Manager or Button Controller, setup the action that you want for each button number of that Virtual Button device. I use Node Red for my automations so I am not real familiar using Rule Machine or Button Controller but know it can be done that way.

Finally, create a dashboard with only that Virtual Button device. Then, add a button tile on dashboard for each command you need. You will be given the option of which button of that Virtual Device gets pushed, held, or released when the button tile is pushed on dashboard.

Let me know if you need more detail on part one or three.

This is one of mine:


That's fantastic @stephen_nutt. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Hi Tom.

Thanks for creating this driver.

I’m about to purchase a RM4 Pro & just checking in advance.
Can we still use the native BL app to control devices remotely, once connected to the HE please? And if not, can we control them via remote HE login?


Yes, you should still be able to use the mobile app from Broadlink while using my integration.

Of course there is always the risk of weird or unpredictable behavior if the accesses come at the same time, so I would advise trying to choose one to stick with (either Hubitat or the original Broadlink app).

There is some great advice earlier in this thread on how to create dashboards that work with my Broadlink driver for Hubitat.

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That’s great - thanks Tom.

Yes I’m going to work my way through this thread & hopefully glean lots of nuggets of wisdom. I’ve not had much success with the simplest of dashboards, so I’m hoping I may learn those at the same time.

I only discovered BL due to your earlier posts on here yesterday, after I realised I was unable to program (after much effort) some remotes into my Tuya smart IR controller, being that they were RF & not IR. So glad I’ve found a new rabbit-hole to get lost down!!

I’m sure I’ll have future questions - after checking the thread history first of course.


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Sounds great. Just post back here if you run into any difficulties or need inspiration for getting everything set up and integrated.

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I'm struggling with being stuck on initializing.
I'm using an RM3 Mini, I have unlocked the device.
Even if I try to push initialize, doesn't cahne anything.
The ip seems to be correct, although in the broadlink app it says
I tried both with and without the @80.
I'm on c7, using the latest driver. I have turned the device off/on already
I have enabled the logging, but it doesn't seems to log anything after pushing initialize
Any tips? Thank you in advance

You should use just the IP address. Don't include the port (@80).

What is the IP address of your Hubitat? Can you ping the RM3 at its address from Hubitat?

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How can i do that?