Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

That’s great - thanks Tom.

Yes I’m going to work my way through this thread & hopefully glean lots of nuggets of wisdom. I’ve not had much success with the simplest of dashboards, so I’m hoping I may learn those at the same time.

I only discovered BL due to your earlier posts on here yesterday, after I realised I was unable to program (after much effort) some remotes into my Tuya smart IR controller, being that they were RF & not IR. So glad I’ve found a new rabbit-hole to get lost down!!

I’m sure I’ll have future questions - after checking the thread history first of course.


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Sounds great. Just post back here if you run into any difficulties or need inspiration for getting everything set up and integrated.

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I'm struggling with being stuck on initializing.
I'm using an RM3 Mini, I have unlocked the device.
Even if I try to push initialize, doesn't cahne anything.
The ip seems to be correct, although in the broadlink app it says
I tried both with and without the @80.
I'm on c7, using the latest driver. I have turned the device off/on already
I have enabled the logging, but it doesn't seems to log anything after pushing initialize
Any tips? Thank you in advance

You should use just the IP address. Don't include the port (@80).

What is the IP address of your Hubitat? Can you ping the RM3 at its address from Hubitat?

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How can i do that?

I thought that the C-7 had a ping option on the network settings page, but I may have been wrong.

You can use this little driver to do the same thing: [Release] Hubitat Ping

Yup, it cant see it
Though i dont know how i could make it work

What is your network and firewall setup like?

The Broadlink devices use UDP for communication, which may not cross subnet boundaries depending on how your network is configured. But if ping doesn't work then nothing will.

What is the Hubitat IP address?

Well, they're possibly on different subnets, which isn't all that surprising given Hubitat is wired and the Broadlink device is wifi.

Do you have other wifi devices working with unrelated integrations to Hubitat? Do you have any routing or firewall restrictions between the subnets (that you know of)?

Another sanity check question - how sure are you that the Broadlink IP address is correct? Can you check a client list in your router to see what its IP address is currently?

I have a xiaomi ax3000 router, and the device connects to this subnet
I have other devices also on this 192.168.31... subnet, but nothing I'm using with my hubitat. I also can't ping those devices from hubitat, so this should be the reason. I also don't see among the connected devices on the main router (ch7465vf) , only on the xiaomi router's connected devices.
I don't have any additional firewall setup that I know of. Unfortunately I'm not so deeply familiar with this stuff.
I also dont know if it would be possible to make the xiaomi router the same 192.168.0.... ip, for me this would be also ok.
I tried looking around in both router's settings but could not find any relevant things to play with

Did I understand that you have one router connected to another and that Hubitat is at one level and the Broadlink device is at the second level?

You may have a NAT between the two devices with this configuration, which won't work. Can you connect both Hubitat and Broadlink to the same router to see if that helps?

You might look at instructions on how to configure the second router as a switch and wireless extender only, so that it uses the same DHCP and routing settings network-wide as set by the "parent" router.

Good luck!

Thank you, solved it and functions perfectly!
It would be great if you'd have a short description in the readme, that also clarifies how you can access the saved codes and include it actually in the automations (push saved IR Code in an actuator device); After reading through the forum I found it, so ally happy

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Great suggestion. I added a note for Rule Machine users to my readme on that point.

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Is it possible to import an AC integration and show it as a thermostat in Hubitat?
The previous integration had RC HVAC Broadlink Integration which is working very well.

My integration for Broadlink remotes is compatible with that RC HVAC integration. Check one of the first few posts in this thread for instructions on how to make it work.


@tomw, I looked for the RC HVAC app but could not find it, all the links I found were dead ends. Do you have an updated link for that app?

I don't use it personally, but I thought there was at least one live link still floating around. Maybe another user can point you to it.

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Hi @tomw, first of all thanks for the driver.

I have a question: how do I expose the learned commands to Alexa? In HA I've done this through scripts and these are exposed to Alexa as Scenes. How would I go about this in Hubitat?

Thanks in advance!

You need to create a virtual switch for each action you want to be able to command from Alexa and share that switch with the Alexa skill in Hubitat.

Then write a Rule Machine rule that is triggered by the state change of the virtual switch and with its actions being to execute the command(s) your want on the Broadlink virtual device.

There are a few more tips in this post: Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro) - #159 by hydro311