Broadlink and Tuya

Are there any plans to support Tuya (cloud) and Broadlink (cloud) in the near future?

I do find it interesting that Paul Hibbert pointing this out. If this support is added than why would anyone ever buy Home Assistant?

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I know that there are some ways to control them localy.. I have the Broadlink device running with an app I found in the past.

the way I get my Tuya is a Vswitch that turns on and off that triggers my Alexa..

Tuya Cloud is already supported by this excellent integration : [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

Also, almost all Tuya Zigbee devices can work directly paired to HE. If you have a Tuya Zigbee device that does not work with Hubitat, please let me know. It is usually a matter of identifying the right driver for it.

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