Bridging Home Assistant Green to Hubitat?

Has anyone integrated Home Assistant Green with Hubitat through the HA device bridge? Since HAG doesn't come with Zwave and Zigbee radios, it would seem like a natural fit to use Hubitat's built in radios. To me it seems like the best of both worlds, Hubitat's user friendly setup and Home Assistant's versatility. Any thoughts?

You are looking for something the other way around. This is probably the most popular option: GitHub - jason0x43/hacs-hubitat: A Hubitat integration for Home Assistant. Hubitat's HomeKit integration would also work if you have no other use for it and want to stick to built-in options on both platforms.

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Thanks for the answer back. I've been using my C-7 for about 2 1/2 years and I really like it but it does have some limitations. I've been looking at HA recently and I thought HA Green would be an inexpensive and simpler way to get my feet wet in HA. I thought using HE's radios would be a workaround for HAG not having them. Maybe it wasn't the solution I had hoped for.
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If you want to automate devices in Home Assistant instead of Hubitat (I really can't imagine why, but that's another story :joy:) or use its interface for control, it would work. I'm not sure where the hangup is, since that sounds like you goal. If you goal is the other way around, Home Assistant to Hubitat, then what you linked to would work. Neither would depend on your HASS server having particular hardware, though the latter would not be able to work arojnd the lack of Z radios in HASS since that's not the direction you're sharing devices.


I bring all my Hubitat devices into HA with the integration above, and then use HA for all of my dashboards as I prefer their lovelace displays/flexibility, and I like how every device in HA automatically gets history that is easily graphable.

I could do automation in HA too I guess since all of devices are in there now, but I don't. I use Node-RED for all of my automation.


I've brought all my devices into Home Assistant to play around with Home Assistants local voice Assistant. Its not ready for prime time but I would think by this time next year Alexa and I will divorce.

I also bring oddball devices into Hubitat from Home Assistant.

I think I'm opposite of most as I think the HD+ dashboard is better then anything I've seen in Home Assistant