Bridge to Ethernet?

I've been enjoying Hubitat and integrating with many devices around the home. I'd like to monitor and control devices located in another building I have wired ethernet connectivity to.

How can I best connect to devices located out of wireless range of the hub, but connected to the same ethernet network? Is there a bridge or gateway from ethernet to Zwave / Zigbee devices?

Hubitat hub -> Ethernet -> ??? <- zwave/zigbee device

Suggestions welcome!

Easiest is another Hubitat hub and use HubConnect

If you can't extend the mesh over to the building, then you can also run a second hub and use things like [RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!) to bring devices from one hub back to your main one.

Hubitat also have a built in app for doing that as well, Link to Hub, which is a little less featured but works as well.

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