Brand new, very confused by devices/apps/automation

Have hubitat Elevation C7, version
Have some Zwave smart plug devices, working on a basic level
Have the myQ garage door controller connected, also working on a basic level.

So the main question.
I want to achieve the following.

  • Create dashboard for phone app to automate the following
    • press a button,
      -turn on a plug.
      -wait 30 seconds
      -open garage door
      *dashboard second button
      -close garage door if open
      -when garage door show closed, turn off plug(if on)

I have the darndest time even creating a virtual button (the events of press/hold/double don't take any input of button#)
the simple automation app doesn't seem like the way to do it... the regular rules engine is daunting to say the least

Perhaps that's a guide you can experiment with??

Obviously a 2nd would be needed for the reverse.

In this case I have a bunch of virtual devices that I name 'pseudoXXX' You create virtual devices by clicking Devices in the left menu, then clicking Add Device at the top right. Bottom right is Virtual and you click that. Two steps remain... give it a name, pick a Type.


Well the dashboard wouldn't actually be doing the automating, you'd have a rule sitting on the hub. The dashboard could display a tile for a button or switch that if tapped could start the automation running

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virtual button is different from pseudobutton... let me look at that.

Edit: disregard

Yes, the dashboard is just the thing that displays a button that i can manually click on.
that event is what should trigger things.. like a set of actions defined in rule machine.

That's just how I happen to name my virtual things.. with the word 'pseudo'


I'm trying to create a virtual button with one button.
it asks for button number for various events

I try to SAVE the definition but it never allows the event/button number to get saved. it seems like a gui bug?

A virtual Button type asks for the number of buttons...

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 11.22.13 AM

You can also select a virtual Switch type
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 11.21.16 AM
that automatically turns itself off in half a second. As you say, it's the Event you want.

I use a virtual Switch, that turns itself off in 2 seconds, to open a water valve to fill my pool. 12 mins later, the valve shuts off. All via a single "button" on a Dashboard. I also mirror that "button" to Apple's HomeKit and can use that "Dashboard" equally well.

Like most pools, I have a ring of 6" tiles at the waterline. The desire is to keep the water level at the middle. When I see that the water level is low, I push the button and I get an inch and a half of water in 12 mins. 12 mins was picked because it's an inch and a half :smiley:

Just use 1.


Doesn't "stick" tho...
I hit save, and it's wiped... back to no value for any button event...

So you don't get this? I just created a new virtual button, named it, click save device. Then I picked 1 button instead of the default 5 and saved preferences.

What do you mean by that? Where are you seeing that? When I enter button 1 on this page in the "Pushed" section, and press that button, it logs button 1 being pressed. (because logging is still on). In addition, you can see that change in Current States at the top right of the settings page.

You also should see that button press in "Events" at the top of the settings page.

Or are you having troubles once you add this to a dashboard? Or is it when you are trying to create a rule?

I have it exactly like that... i guess i'm just confused about the Command tiles at the top.
If it is supposed to be red/underlined always, and only meant to 'test' the pressing of a certain button("let's pretend i'm pressing button 1 now and do nothing again"), then all is well.
Just suuper confusing, is all.

the number of buttons preference value is just that.. how many buttons do you want this imaginary button device to have?

Then in the command tiles across the top, you enter a button number to act upon. Want button 3 to be pressed? Put 3 under the word Push and click it. Logs will show it got pressed/pushed.

The most inexpensive of the Lutron Pico's is the 5 button version:

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 1.12.32 PM

They are 1 thru 5, top to bottom with the round center button being #3. I'd suggest the default virtual button is mimicking it. A dashboard could have any of the buttons added:

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 1.16.36 PM
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 1.18.09 PM