Brand new Hubitat hub can't find anyZwave or Zigbee devices

Hello all,

Glad to join the community. I just installed and updated my new Hubitat hub, but it absolutely can't see any Zwave devices. I've followed the exclusion process to reset my devices, Radio Thermostat CT101, GE dimmer, GE outlet, Zsmoke and Zcombo, I even tried a 2nd gen Iris contact switch.

I'm sure at least one of these should have picked up right away. Any ideas? Nothing interesting in the log, tried restarting...

If the devices have been properly excluded, you need to put each device into pairing mode. You do that one by one usually. Once a device is in pairing mode, you need to put the Hubitat hub into pairing mode from the devices page.


On my Leviton dimmer, even though I did exclude it properly from my alarm panel, I had to do a reset on it to get it to pair.

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Does the Z-Wave status show "enabled"?

The Iris 2nd gen contact is a Zigbee device have it within 10 to 20 feet of the hub if its the first device and pull the battery on the sensor. Put the hub into Zigbee pairing mode so its counting down then use a paperclip to hold the small black button at the top of the battery terminal and while holding the button down insert the battery the area above the battery terminal should light red, release the button and the light should continue to flicker to blue and green and after a few seconds it should show up under Found Devices at the bottom of the screen. A few seconds later and it should resolve to Generic Zigbee Contact or something like that. Z-Wave devices need to be close to the hub too, its always best to start with devices closest to the hub and work away so that you can pair some devices in place that way. Locks, garage door controllers and some other Z-Wave devices will need to be very close to the hub to get them to pair. Like others have said you will likely need to Z-Wave exclude a device before you can include it if you can't get it to see a device to exclude (button on an outlet, on button of a switch, not sure on the thermostat or smoke detector) then move the hub close to the switch (long patch cable) and try again. Once you see it excluded you should be able to include it. Most devices will come in as "Found Device with ID 00 Initializing..." or something like that and take anywhere from 2-20 seconds to change to display the driver name it detected for the device and let you name it although a few devices that never happened so I had to start over in excluding and including it.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. Although I excluded these devices from Iris before it was shutdown, I had to exclude them again in Hubitat before including them. Got everything online and enjoying Rule Machine!


Anytime I add a new device, I always exclude them first, even a new just out of the box device. A device can easily have been returned and resold. The exclusion process is quick and it ensures you don't have inclusion problems.