Brain Fart: Ring Device not appearing as child on Hubitat

I am still a newbie and having a complete brain fart. I have maybe 30 devices appearing in on Hubitat as a child under the parent Virtual Ring network. That is good.

However, I am trying to remember how to add a device to this Virtual API and can't remember. I have tried multiple apps/add devices, but none of them appear under the parent.

Can you please remind me how do I add a device that appears in my ring platform but doesn't appear in hubitat as a child?

Note: This is a 2nd repeater that I am adding so the software for repeaters is already installed within the hubitat package manager but the particular device does not appear under component devices.

Thanks in advance...

This app is a custom, app, so going forward I'd ask in it's custom app thread here.

Having said that, I believe what you want to do is go into your "Ring Alarm Device" and click "Create Devices"

And then do the same in the Ring Virtual Device.

There a chance I have the order incorrect, so if it doesn't work I'd try in reverse.