Bought what was supposed to be a new hub on Amazon. Unable to register as the hub is registered to someone else

As the title says, and I ourxhased a hub from Amazon and it's tied to someone elses credentials. Can someone please help me?

Apparently Amazon has sometimes put a returned device back into stock.

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Yes. This is definitely what has happened. Is there anything that can be done? I have the receipt from Amazon where I just purchased it

I just received an email back from the email address associated with the hub. The gentelman assured me he would look into it and get back to me. I don't want to gage to rely on him to do this promptly. I is there another way? Thank you so much for your time and effort.

@support_team should be in touch w/you here in this topic soon. As noted, unfortunately Amazon is sending out returns as new in some cases...

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@Heartbroken If you don't feel like waiting for Hubitat, you can order another from Amazon (the new C8 obviously) and then return the other to amazon as defective..


Unfortunately I have so much invested in building my new ecosystem around Hubitat I don't have the funds to do this.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I was really excited to receive this today. I knew as soon as I opened it that it had been used. The clear round tape holding the box shut was curled up. Upon further inspection the cord was missing the tie that keeps it wrapped up. There were also fingerprints on the unit itself.
I actually was not too upset at first. Realizing that the product is unusable is truly a dissapointment.

However I am rather impressed with the community thus far and am super excited to be joining in on the fun. I cannot wait to learn and contribute wherever possible.

Return the item to amazon i can no longer access it

On Sun, Mar 26, 2023, 5:55 PM C.J. Dodd <> wrote:

Oh wow, this is thank you so much for your prompt reply. I I don't mind that the hub is used even though I paid for new. I just don't want to have to return it an wait for a new hub. I can provide screenshots proving my recent purchase as well as screenshots showing where the hub is still tied to your account. There is no way to factory reset it. On the Hubitat forums it states that my best course of action is to try to get you to deregister.

Thanks again for your help with this.


It seems I have no other option at this point other than to hope Support is willing and able to help me. Short of that I will have to wait a couple weeks to embark on my Hubitat adventure. :pensive:

I'm sure @bobbyd will take care of you.

They will, I think you can count on that. This is just as frustrating for them. They use Amazon because they can deliver quickly but when they mess up it reflects badly on the company, in this case Hubitat.

We will definitely send you a replacement hub. See the PM I will send you momentarily for instructions on how to proceed. You'll get a new hub in a couple of days...

Amazon just recently introduced a new feature in their system that in theory will prevent this from happening in the future -- where before they would sometimes put a used hub back into stock as if new.

What's weird is that some customers take special care to open the package in such a way that they can close it back up so that it looks unopened. That certainly doesn't help separate unused from used hubs, and this is most likely what happened when Amazon processed a returned hub. Nevertheless, Amazon should now send all returns back to us, instead of shipping one to a new customer.


This is amazing. Within one hour or being a member Support has gone far above the call of duty to rectify my issue. I am so very impressed. Thank you to the kind community members who have assisted me in this headache.


This is clearly what has happened. I almost didn't notice the edge of the round, clear sticker curled up. I looked at my GF and said "this has been returned". I didn't expect this significant of an issue. Had it been functional I would have just used it.

Thanks again Gentelman.

See if you are now able to respond to the PM I sent you...

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Welcome to Hubitat... Tip your waitress or dev and try the veal... This is how it always is.


While I am waiting on my functional replacement hub could one of you experienced vets tell me if I have made a mistake with ordering compatible devices?

These are the Sensors I ordered:

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Motion Sensor 2 Pack, Zigbee Hub Required, Pet Friendly, Work with Home Assistant,SmartThings, Aeotec, Hubitat or Echo Devices with Built-in Zigbee hub


Sengled Alexa Light Bulb, Zigbee Bulb Smart Hub Required, Works with Alexa and SmartThings, Voice Control with Echo Show 10 with built-in Hub, Color Changing 60W Equivalent A19 Smart Light Bulbs, 4PK


Sengled Smart Plugs, Hub Required, Works with SmartThings and Amazon Echo with Built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, 15Amp Smart Socket, Work as Zigbee Repeater, ETL Listed, 4 Pack

Third Reality is supported, as is Sengled. I'm using Sengled plugs and they have been reliable. Others I know are using Third Reality sensors and AFAIK the feedback on those has been good.

My only concern is Sengled bulbs...recently after using them w/out issue for years on Hubitat, they began falling off my mesh/becoming non-responsive intermittently. Enough that I removed them and replaced them w/Hue bulbs (which I connect to a Hue hub and bring into HE via its built-in Hue integration).

At this point if I was going to buy Zigbee bulbs I'd lean towards Innr based on favorable comments I've seen around here. LIFX are also popular, more expensive, Wi-Fi bulbs that are brought into HE by a built-in integration so that control is local. Are supposed to have excellent color quality.

You can obviously try the Sengeled on your hub and see how they do, and return them if you have issues.

I have Sengled bulbs and have no problem with them at all on C-8.

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Yup - I've heard from folks w/no issues and folks w/my same issue. Haven't found a clear pattern yet. This actually started weeks ago for myself and others on the C7, and for me also appeared this week on the C8 w/the one last Sengled bulb I had kept on my mesh...fell off yesterday just like it had been doing on the C7.

I love my Sengled bulbs, but have not been able to figure out how to keep them from dropping. I starting using them over 3 years ago, never had an issue before. Odd...