Bottom of app list cut off

Just updated to and on one of my devices the bottom of the app list is cut off:

This screenshot shows me scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page and yet one application is still mostly hidden from view. The device I'm seeing the issue on is a Galaxy Tab S7.


I have noticed this issue as well on the apps page on my iPhone using Safari. Chrome on the iPhone is not as bad but the last item is still partially hidden. This has Ben in all versions of 2.2.9

In the pic Z-Wave Mesh Details is off the bottom of the screen.

What's the zoom level on that Galaxy Tab?

I'm using Chrome, so there is no zoom option in the browser.

Sure there is, on both the desktop and mobile version.

There's a "text scaling" option, and that's set to the default of 100%, and i can zoom in and out on the page using a gesture, but that doesn't seem to affect the layout at all.

Also, FYI the same issue applies to the devices list and probably all lists in general.

I am having the same issue.

For me it just cuts off the last item in the list.
I'm trying to add a user app, and it starts with "Z", so it isn't shown.

Re sort has been working for me, reverse the sort order up top.

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Yup, it's not ideal but reversing the sort order is a workaround for now.

The thing that I have come to love with HE, is there is always a work around!

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This is still an issue in release .137.

In other words, I am trying to add a user app.
It just so happens that the app is the last one in the list (it starts with "z").
When I try and add it, I can't scroll to the item to add it, because the scroll stops, before the last item.

Can this bug be fixed?
My apologies. This has been fixed in .137
Thank you Victor!

iOS 15 new safari fixes it for me :slight_smile:

But yes, @woodsy reordering the list works

I have the bottom of every page limited now with a gap at the bottom within the IOS app :sob: @gopher.ny

Version 1.2.2, build 122, IOS15 - Ticket 24106.

I just updated to, the lists are still cut off in this version.

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Still an issue in


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