It's been pretty quiet around my house lately... automations are set up how I want, no current bugs or enhancements to work out. Other than replacing my unresponsive Sengled RGBW bulbs with Yeelights and some changes to accommodate the Lutron fan control decimal workaround from the last update, I think it's been close to 2 months since I've changed anything. Everything just works. Every time. Thanks Hubitat team!


You clearly need to buy more devices!


You know I was thinking about you, for some reason you did not respond to any post in the forum for RM questions, you are pretty good in RM.

I just posted I have an iPhone 7 in the drawer, I don't know what to do with it, maybe installing tinycam but I think the app is for android only.

I don't recommend you to buy more devices, I just got a google home hub and added it to my box of new stuff not used, I have already the lenovo so I don't have where to add another display.

I'm following this thread for ideas in what to do in our lives! :smiley:

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You know I could really use one of those Lutron dimmer's and switches about now :slight_smile: working on the integrations of Hubitat with HomeSeer and UDI ISY and I've found I no longer have Lutron switches to test with :slight_smile:

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I still have a handful of projects to do - namely installing this Hampton Bay controller I've had on my desk for two months. I'm planning to use it with a Lutron fan pico, so I'm waiting til I have everything for it. Other than that, I guess I could add a few more water sensors, and maybe some glass break sensors I guess...

Honestly right now though I could probably just leave the hub alone for the next 10 years, never update, and everything would just keep rolling along...


Its been pretty much the same for me. Everything is just working and no one is complaining at our house. I've been toying with adding the second hub I bought when I thought the z-wave was overloaded but solved the issues by removing some "noisy sensors". Since then been trying to create a performance monitor ... which is leading me to discover all sorts of things about the system.

The temptation to start adding and tweaking is rising though...

Perhaps this isn't a good device for the hobbyist ... maybe its the first device that you can jsut install and forget about?

Maybe not yet - but its definitely getting there.!

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Too boring indeed. Hubitat team please break something. Lol.. I need to get off my lazy ass and replace some none plus switches but I am waiting for 2.09 to drop before doing it.

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I too have been hearing the call from the dark side. The more things I get working makes me think of "what else?"

I'm buying new "toys" to write plugins for... :slight_smile:


How were you able to identify which sensors were "noisy"? I suspect I have one or more bad sensors as well that may be bogging down my mesh but haven't been able to find a way of narrowing down which ones.

keeping an eye on the logs. They stand out. Just need to keep descriptive logging on - which is the default.

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Now, when all the rules are done wouldn't it be nice to watch all our devices on a laptop screen? Even that ceiling light we'd be sitting just under? :slight_smile:
Or seriously couldn't we use some good looking way of presenting power usage and logs?

Snapshot can do this... :wink:

I really meant power usage. I see lots of interest in devs with power metering capability.
I think there should be a way of gathering all that data and presenting it in some awesome way :slight_smile:

Wyze Cam still needs to be integrated with your Google Home Hub. You need to setup your outdoor motion sensors to make the Google Home Hub verbally notify you someone is there, and then automatically show the image in the Google Home Hub. Slacker! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like this?