Blink WLED Driver Question

Im using the Blink/Joyfullhouses WLED driver, with 2 WLED devices. I noticed an oddity, one WLED shows 4 presets and the other shows -1 (even tho there are 3).
The only real difference between the 2 WLEDs is the one that shows -1 has 2 segments. Anyone know if thats an issue?

As far as I'm aware, there's no version of the integration that lists presets. Do you mean to refer to effects or palettes? I have a WLED strip with 2 segments and I see all of those listed.

There's a "ps" variable that is visible in the State Variables, which represents the currently selected preset. It will show -1 for its value if your strip is not currently in preset mode (e.g., you set the color directly).

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