Blinds for BiFold doors?

Hi all,

So Hubitat seems to have won over my wife to the automation side of things as well, although "Alexa, do the light thing..." instead of "Alexa, good evening" was quite amusing!

We're now looking at hardware for the new extension (whenever that gets built!), and whilst I've solved the roof window question (Fakro with zWave in case you're wondering :wink: ), I'm now looking at blinds that will work for both windows and Bi-Folding doors, and "look nice" at the same time!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you have any confirmation that the FAKRO windows (Z-Wave) will work with Hubitat? I am also looking at their windows (flat roof). They also sell Z-Wave curtains and awning blinds.

My alternative is Velux, but then it is needed to connect a Z-Wave dual relay (e.g. Fibaro dual relay) to the io-homecontrol interface (Velux KLF050,KLF100,KLF200).


I've not confirmed it, no, but I'm willing to put in the effort to get them working once we've got them fitted as we'll have the wall remotes anyway.

My thoughts at the moment are that if nothing else I might be able to use them as a "dimmer" (0-100% closed etc), but I'm a good few months away from purchasing them yet due to Covid-19 :frowning:

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