Blank notifications sent to phone

Does anyone know why I keep getting blank notifications sent to my phone? They usually all happen at midnight, but had one today in the morning.

Iā€™d look at the logs to see what was occurring at those times. No one place to look, so it might take some time to isolate. Prime candidates for me would be HSM and my apps events lists.

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If you go to the device page in hubitat for your phone, at the bottom there will be a list of apps which use your phone


Thanks all, I think I might have figured it out by checking the device page in hubitat like Mark said. I have device watchdog set to notify me when a device battery level is below 30 percent and I just checked and have one device below that threshold. I'm thinking it's device watchdog that's sending the blank notification. I'll try turning that off and see if it stops.

EDIT: After looking again I think I have the notification setup through the NOTIFY app in Hubitat. Regardless, I'll turn that off and see if it resolves it.