Blank item in scheduler

Anyone else notice this blank entry in their scheduler? It's calling updatecheck but doesn't link to any app. Not sure if this is for the hub itself or an orphan entry for a removed app that didn't clean up properly

Only item I have showing with a method of updatecheck is OpenWeatherMap driver

Could be from that because I did have that installed at one point. Now the next question, how do I get that removed even after the app was uninstalled lol

That’s a good question as it doesn’t appear to associated with any app and would, I think, be generating an error everytime it runs. A soft reset is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that might have a chance of removing it.

How long ago did you remove the app?

I actually noticed it after doing a reset as suggested by @gopher.ny for a different issue. I removed that app quite a while ago with several upgrades since then. I'm suspecting a DB issue but guess I may need to wait for support

If the reset didn’t do it, it may take direct access to the job schedule table -> may need an enhancement to allow a job delete.