Bit of a mystery regarding Harmony Hub

I had a power outage the other night and ever since then it seems that my HE will not talk to my Harmony Hub any more. I have the HE on a UPS so it was not affected by the outage but it seems that the Harmony Hub was. I still can use the HH with it's remote so the IR to the TV is still working. I have a scene setup to turn on some lighting and turn on the TV. The scene runs, the lights come on but the TV does not, I have to use the remote. If I go to the device page and try to turn on the TV from there, nothing happens. I press the "on" button but nothing changes and the switch still shows "off". The logs don't show anything at all. For some reason it seems that the link from the HE to the HH has been severed. Any suggestions on how to get it back.

@ogiewon would be the one to help I would suspect. Check with @ogiewon, but you may also want to post questions like these on the HH integration thread he setup:


Did the IP address of your Harmony Hub change after the power outage? Make sure you reserve an IP address for both your Harmony Hub, and Hubitat hub, via your routerโ€™s DHCP server.

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Both Hubs have reserved IP's and have not changed.

Anything in the Live/Past Logs?

On the Logitech Parent Device, try clicking INITIALIZE to see if that restores communications, please.

Also, rebooting the Hubitat Hub might restore communications.

I will give those a try. Thanks

Well that took care of the problem. You are my hero. Thanks.

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