Binding RGB Genie to zigbee LED controller

Hi, I'm new to habitat and home automation in general. I currently have 2 zigbee LED controllers paired with the hub as well as an RGB Genie remote. I can control the LEDs via the dashboard. I also see the RGB Genie in my device list and see 4 sub devices for the 4 groups supported by RGB Genie. I can see events coming in. SO far so good. (One odd thing is that the remote is telling me its not part of a network. According to the documentation, the indicator light should blink once if turned on. When it stays on fr 15s then it is not part of a netowrk. )
Anyhow, what I'm missing now is how I pair up the remote with my LED controller. I was thinking that could be done via a dashboard but I don't see a way. Any ideas?

I have an RGB Genie remote ZB-5122 and I used the built-in app "Mirror" to sync it with the LED controller. Look under apps, top right corner to add built-in app.

The source device is the remote and the slave device is the LED controller.

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I have a EU version of this that I was testing and although the driver didn't work (not the same as the US) I was actually able to follow the find and bind instructions to directly control a lamp.

They both had to be attached to the network then I reset the lamp while doing a join on Hubitat and the scene plate at the same time. It ended up correctly joining to both, falling back to its old slot in HE and joining the scene plate (I was impressed). I don't believe it's officially supported but it was good to see that it was indeed possible all be it a bit of a jump through some hoops to do.

@Sakman Mirror app worked perfectly. Thanks!!!

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