Binding 2 hue switches on Hubitat

I have two Zigbee light switch’s which work fine and I can bind if the devices are registered on Hubitat directly.

But I want these switches to be on my Hue Hub so that my Logitech remote can manage them. But if I do this on a hue I can’t bind them.

So I tried to have one switch on Hubitat and one on hue which you can manage out of Hubitat with the hue integration use binding or grouping but it doesn’t work. I also tried both on Hue and imported the hue devices using the hue integration and the binding and grouping doesn’t work.

Anyone know how I can get the light switches visible to both so I can manage them from both or if I can bind a Hubitat switch with an imported hue switch ?

The built-in integration on Hubitat only supports controlling lights and polls periodically for any status updates for the lights if they have been adjusted outside of HE.

The custom integrations Coco-Hue and the Advanced Hue Bridge Integration both allow integrating accessories paired with the Hue bridge, receiving events for things like motion detection and button presses.

I would suggest trying one or both of these to see if they will give you what you need.

Btw... What exact Hue switches are you trying to use?

I'm 99.9% certain zigbee binding will only work if all corresponding devices are paired to Hubitat directly -- if paired to a Hue bridge, binding within Hubitat isn't going to be possible regardless of integration.

I use binding for an Inovelli zigbee switch and a couple Hue bulbs. To get it to work, I had to remove those bulbs from Hue and pair them direct to HE. But the binding works like a champ once in place -- it's crazy fast.


Ah, it's the switch to bulb binding.... I got that confused then.... If they are not hue switches then my suggestion is unlikely to work.... I think...

As @hydro311 pointed out, you can only due true Zigbee binding if everything is on Hubitat directly. With that said, there is a community app ([RELEASE] Switch Bindings 2.0) that works really well in this scenario of using both Hubitat and a Hue Bridge. It's a software solution, so it will not work if your Hubitat goes down, but it might help a little in this situation.

The other question is what type of Logitech remote are you using? If it has a Harmony Hub, you might be able to use [Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20230311 and bring the remote into Hubitat.


Thanks for the info. I already use the Harmony Driver and I can get all the Harmony activities in Hubitat but not the other way around, i.e. see Hubitat devices on the Harmony. Basically I want to control the lights with Harmony as part of an Activity (e.g. Watch a movie, dimm or turn off specific lights etc..).

Harmony support Smartthings and Hue mainly.

I did try Switch Bindings v2.0.1 which works well if both devices are hubitat, but not with the Hue devices. I love that app though. There was another called Zigbee Binding which I saw as well, but need to see how that works.

Ill try these. The Switches are Nue Zigbee Switches.

Are these lightstrips controllers? Can you send a link to the device you have?

NUE ZigBee Smart Light Switch - Control Your Home (