Bicontrol custom driver

Whenever I use the blue Iris driver from bpt world I just get the error message

No signature of method: Script1.definition() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:BI Control, namespace:BPTWorld, author:Bryan Turcotte, ...]]

How do I add the drivers?

Funny! I assume you ended up buying a copy and got rid of your pirated copy

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Independent of the issue raised by @JNS, I would recommend posting your query to the parent BI Control thread and not start a new one.

Doing so ensures that @bptworld sees your query.


You aren't missing a driver, you are missing the child app. The app has a parent and a child.

BI Control.


I tried Installing the child driver first but it gave me that error

You have to install the parent first. Then the child. That's standard for all parent/child apps in Hubitat.

That's my point either way it doesn't work.

Then you aren't actually installing the parent app because I just did it and it works perfectly. Go to the parent app's raw file and copy the URL and then paste that into the import in HE's app code UI.

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