Bi-directional Mode Changes?

Is it possible to setup a bi-directional Mode changes from ST to HE and from HE to ST? I have some things that I have to still run on ST that need Mode changes and I also have some things in HE that stipulate mode changes. I would like to have ST and HE using the same Modes.

If you haven't seen the amazing community HubConnect app yet, it can do modes from HE to ST (or HE to HE), among many other things. It is, however, a server-to-client mode push. The other way does not work natively. I don't think the older, community Other Hub app ever added modes. The native Hub Link app (or, more specifically, the ST Send Hub Events app side of this) can send modes from ST to HE, but like all of Hub Link, that's unidirectional with ST.

However...not all hope is lost. What you can do is create a virtual switch for each mode, then use an automation to sync the modes and switches. Rule Machine can do this, but I think even Mode Manager can do this now too (turn switches off on mode change--the other switches--and change mode when a specific mode switch turns on). That would be on the Hubitat side. On the ST side, I think you'll have to use webCoRE or another custom app to sync the two. I had something like this going for a while if you care to know more, but if you're well-versed with both you can probably figure something out that works well for you.

If you can find a way to change mode on Hubitat only, it's a lot easier. :slight_smile:

The only way I can think to do this is by using Other Hub to send virtual switches to ST and then change the modes based on the status of the virtual switches using Routines, WebCore, etc. The link has to be established first. I just wish it was easier.:wink: I did look at HubConnect but I couldn't see where I could send the Mode changes from the client hub.

I did it for a while, but there was a lot of back and forth traffic while both sides settled on the system state and mode.

I decided to use ST as my control system, and for now send arming changes from ST to HE, but not HE to ST. This should all change after moving my keypads to HE.

I used Other Hub Event Pusher that I modified to push the HE mode to ST, and continue using Hub Link to push the ST mode to HE

There is a new app, HubConnect, that I have not looked at, which may handle bidirectional arm/disarm, but I don't know.

My understanding with Hub Link is that if you setup Mode pushes that it takes over Modes changes completely within HE. I don't want that to happen. I need both to be synced.

That's not been my experience.

The issue I had with bidirectional mode changes is

  • HE changes arm state or mode, sends it to ST
  • ST receives the change, the change is completed, then sends the change to HE.
  • This goes on for a while. Same problem when ST initiates the change.

I do have some code in the modified OHEP that insures the arm state and mode is actually changing prior to executing the commands, but timing in ST is always an issue. I considered doing something like keeping track of when and where the last arm/mode change originated. Hublink code is private, so no user changes possible.

Assuming this is correct, using it and Hublink should provide bidirectional mode changes.

I did have HubConnect setup but I couldn't see where to setup bi-directional Modes. It seemed to only go from the Server Hub to the client hub. The reason I want this is because I am having trouble getting reliable service through HE for my Ecobee thermostat and my presence sensors. So I would like to keep those on ST and have the lights and motion sensors, etc. on HE. I want the modes and thermostat programs to change when presence comes and goes (through ST) and other Modes change when things happen or don't happen in HE. However, I need ST and HE modes to be the same so they are in sync.

What you are describing is not bidirectional BUT HubConnect does not sync from ST, it will sync to ST.

HubConnect will sync the Server's mode to any remote hub, including ST.

I see it as bi-directional because if my presence sensor triggers my house to go into Home mode in ST, I want HE to be in Home mode also. If my GoodNight routine runs in HE because it is determined by lack of motion in areas of the house and it changes the Mode to Night, I want my ST mode to change to Night.

Roughly speaking I do the same.. very roughly.. one eye, squinting kinda close I mean. :slight_smile:

Presence for me originates on HomeKit (Apple) and via Homebridge appears in 'coordinator'. This is similar to you having presence originate in ST and having it appear in 'coordinator'/Server Hub using HubConnect.

Presence then gets used in RM running on 'coordinator'. Modes on 'coordinator' get distributed to all Remote Hubs (since I have that turned on) Including my ST Hub.

Similar to my system, except I use Keypads that are currently not 100% bug free in HE. They run on ST with my SHM Delay smartapp.

I feel this should work if one system is the controller. In this case it would seem to be ST until such time as the presence sensors work to your satisfaction on HE. The thermostat does not care which system it's on, or which system controls and sets the mode, nor do the sensors on HE

In this scenario, the presence sensors on ST control arming and mode along with any ST Smartapps, ST automations, and ActionTiles (App of Fully version) if you use it, then Hub Link sends the mode to HE which changes the HE mode. The downside is you cannot do manual or automated arming or mode changes on HE that reflect in ST. However, almost all of my automations, including those that are mode sensitive, run in HE. This works for me for now, I understand it may not work for you.

If it really needs to be bi directional, try it. Should be an interesting experience. It actually worked for me, just did not like the system overhead.

Yeah, I don't want to make the system more unstable. I am trying to figure out why the hub has been locking up so much so I have been disabling any apps that are not native to HE. I have been trying to live with my thermostat settings through HE with their native app but even last night my good night routine ran and everything turned off as it was supposed to except my thermostat didn't go down. Woke up in the middle of the night sweating!:sweat_smile:. Checked the logs and it had some error. So back to ST for the thermostat.

That's probably less related to HE and more related to the terrible service from ecobee. Do you subscribe to the ecobee system notifications? I get at least a dozen a week with notices about outages.

Hmm! Well he funny thing is it still works with ST now problem.

And mine still works with ecobee right this minute. But that doesn't mean it will work in an hour. Unless you are simultaneously controlling the same thermostat from ST and HE can you definitively say that ST would not have the same problem.

I asked if you had subscribed to the ecobee system notifications....i recommend that you do. It might be quite illuminating.

@pcgirl I think you need to do what @csteele says and have your presence sent to HE using HubConnect then let HE decide the mode. Then again using HubConnect you can pass the mode back to ST. I read somewhere there is a reason modes only work one way and it's due to the hubs "Fighting" about who's mode to follow.

I could see that as a problem. I might give Hubconnect another try. Has anybody been having any hub slow downs or lockups using it?

Just installed last night, between finishing my taxes. It has been totally error free. With all the required drivers and apps I loaded, i expected some issues, but had zero issues.
I'd suggest installing all HE & ST drivers first, the the apps. It's really an amzing piece of work. You'll swear you hubitat devices are actually paired to ST, as they work lightning fast from ST and update correctly.

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