Between Two Times interface oddity

I noticed a small interface inconsistency in RM today, specifically using the offsets on 'Between Two Times' conditions.

The offset fields correctly interpret -120 as 120 minutes before the selected condition (e.g. Sunset), but though the field test indicates +/- for the field, +120 isn't accepted, with the error checking text indicating I need a Number in the field.

It seems to me that if it process the negative sign then it should process the + sign as well, even if it just discards it. It's a silly thing, as 120 is implicitly a positive number, but the visual clues (help text) in the interface imply that a + sign is needed, yet chokes on it if you input it.

Clearly a trivial thing, and if it's been reported before, I apologize, I didn't see it anywhere....


This arises from basic HTML functionality. +123 is not recognized as a valid number input (this has nothing to do with Rule Machine). You will find this is true for all number inputs in Hubitat, and most if not all number inputs in websites as well.


Honestly, I never knew that about HTML input. Should the help text be changed to (-) instead of (+/-)?

Probably a Catch 22, I suppose.

Thanks for the Reply!

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