Better way to display larger amounts of text?

Just like the title says. currently I have a couple lists displayed on dashboards using iFrames with Google docs. It works ok but the output looks very clunky and unfinished. Is there a better way?

You could probably edit the CSS to make the text bigger. Or maybe use Smartly 2.0

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I don't know if it's possible with css. I'm not very well versed in it. I tried using the text template in the dashboard but there is no way to create new lines. It all just runs on as one line.

I think a device to drop HTML into would be perfect

Depending on the nature of how you need to choose the text / doc, you could use a static html file on the local file storage of the HE hub. Then you can do any formatting or other manipulation there. The HTML file could then be displayed on the dashboard using an iframe virtual device.

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The MQTT Text device will allow you to display arbitrary text with embedded tags - so multiline, fonts, colors etc. It does not need MQTT.

When you state "It does not need MQTT", do I have to still install the MQTT driver?


No - it will work happily as a stand-alone device. I just created it to show MQTT payload values but it will display any text / html value.

If it’s not intuitive as to how to use it then let me know as it’s not documented well. What I will check is whether that driver got updated at all in later MQTT updates. If so I’ll post back here.

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