[Beta] Unifi Wifi Presence

Thanks for this. Installed this yesterday and it is working great!

What are you guys/girls using presence for, mostly?

Auto arm/disarm HSM. Also use it to auto open my garage door when riding my bike so I don't need to fumble around searching for my phone, just cycle up and boom it opens.

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I'm using mine as a backup presence for mobile, as well as local network monitoring.
Yesterday, I received an alert that my webCoRE PI was offline, which allowed me to sort that out, before it started to lower the WAF in my house :smiley:

I added all hubs (Harmony, PI machines, Hue etc etc.) also created a Dash for them.

How many people do you have in the household? Do you have all the phones setup for presence for HSM?

Just my wife and I and yes both phones are configured in HSM. We have an Iris keypad too so it counts down when arming and disarming also an option if say mother in law needed to come over and manually disarm/arm.

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I reboot my hub every morning. And this isn't logging me in. I have the time set to 600 seconds. Thoughts?

If I hit login, it logs in.

@mike When you say hub do you mean hubitat or unifi?

Can you also see if the "Check if cookie valid" button works for you in this condition?

After you press it, it should look like this.


Sorry, it's taken a while to get to this - due life.

Here is the parent:

There is nothing else, like there appears to be in your screenshot. My site is not updating after a HE reboot.

I have the odd site name, as I'm hosting on docker unifi, the site name is nnrtpaqs. Did you by chance, do something with the cookie file that bypasses the site name input?

@mike can you turn debug on and reboot HE and click "check if cookie valid" and post the log?

I tried a reboot and it worked ok for me, so not sure yet.

Appears this stopped working after we were out of town for the weekend. I just noticed tonight that it stopped trying to determine the presence while our devices were not within the network for the time period. Started working again once i did a manual update.

@drew1 @mike

I think I may have found the problem and updated the code on github. See if that fixes it for you.

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I believe I've updated. (Still learning Hubitat). Will let you know if I see any more issues on my end.

Just did the update and tested and seems to be working again on my end.

I spoke too soon. I've been out of the house for a bit over 2 hours now and checking my dashboard my Unifi presence device is still showing as present.

I also reboot my hub on a timer every morning and the issue seems to have started right after setting up that timer, so my issue may be the same as @mike

@MRobi Do you have something like this at the bottom of the parent device?

I have not left home for a couple of days, so have been unable to check. Leaving home later today........

My parent device has that job...

Yup, I have exactly that

It did not work when I left today, sorry.

Edit: the parent device had a current call to check presence. Still does, it's current.

Is this significant? (I just checked for the latest code too).