[BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

hello all, got an alert from tuya that I was generating a ton of API calls, 85% of them to GET:/v1.0/devices/{deviceId}/specifications

I looked at the device source and didn't even see where this was called, but it seems to be generating 1000s per day according to them, any advice on how to troubleshoot would be great, thanks

I have Rotenso Teta Air-Condition with WIFI and I'm using SmartLife-SmartHome mobile application to manage the air-condition remotely. I'm just wondering if the Tuya Cloud driver will be working for me. I follow the instruction and I having issues with this step:
Choose Link Tuya App Account > Add App Account. A QR code will appear

After scanning the code and confirming authentication from mobile app I see info that the QR code expired and my account is not added to the Cloud project. The question is now if the application I'm using is compatible with this solution or not.

Does anyone know what I can do ? Any suggestions are more than welcome.
The main goal here is to have the air-condition integrated with HE.

Thank you in advance.

I was able to connect the air conditioner to Tuya Smart app and from there all went without any issues. The only thing / question I have is:
Is it possible to be able to control the device from hubitat, except having possibility to turning it on / off ? I checked different divers related to switch / fan / thermostat but, it looks like that in the end I'm able only to make it on or off. Any ideas ? Thank you.

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Hi Jonathan

great driver! Could please add dehumidifiers to it ?

Thank you

Any chance anyone can do a driver for the Ultrasonic Sensor?

  • category: ywcgq
  • functions: {"max_set":{"max":100,"min":0,"scale":0,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"%"},"mini_set":{"max":100,"min":0,"scale":0,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"%"},"upper_switch":{"type":"Boolean"},"lower_switch":{"type":"Boolean"},"installation_height":{"max":3000,"min":100,"scale":3,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"m"},"liquid_depth_max":{"max":2900,"min":100,"scale":3,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"m"}}
  • id: ebeaafd5ceacf71a3bt1or
  • label: Tank A Level
  • local_key: N|{yzY6aBlf!LT^T
  • name: EPT- Ultrasonic ATO Sensor
  • online: true
  • product_id: duked3tftwmz7plx
  • statusSet: {"liquid_state":{"range":["normal","lower_alarm","upper_alarm"],"type":"Enum"},"liquid_depth":{"max":10000,"min":0,"scale":2,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"m"},"max_set":{"max":100,"min":0,"scale":0,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"%"},"mini_set":{"max":100,"min":0,"scale":0,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"%"},"upper_switch":{"type":"Boolean"},"lower_switch":{"type":"Boolean"},"installation_height":{"max":3000,"min":100,"scale":3,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"m"},"liquid_depth_max":{"max":2900,"min":100,"scale":3,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"m"},"liquid_level_percent":{"max":100,"min":0,"scale":0,"step":1,"type":"Integer","unit":"%"}}

I'm pretty sure Jonathan has left Hubitat and moved to Home Assistant -- he hasn't been active around here for a year or so.

Unless another dev is willing to pick it up, I don't think this driver will be supported beyond its current state.