[BETA]ThirdReality Smart Blind

This driver can be installed from Hubitat by Tag 'Zigbee'.

The (hopefully) stable version code is here:


Did not know these existed...thanks for posting your driver. :slight_smile:

For others:



Lots of stock sizes to choose from:

Controls in the driver:

How long have you had your Third Reality blinds, and what do you think of them?


Third Reality may not be the most svelte or sexiest looking stuff out there (e.g. add-on switch, contact sensors), but in my limited experience, they make solid zigbee with good battery life at a very reasonable price.

These blinds are definitely intriguing -- sounds like they may be more blackout, so possibly good for bedrooms. Nice find!


Thanks for the feedback on the brand, I was totally unaware this line existed.

We have some Ikea cellular blinds in our bedroom on four windows and two sets of French doors, my wife has decided that she didn't want any vertical or horizontal blinds in our bedroom. So these could be an easy swap/replacement for those, keeping a similar look and allow automation so I don't have to open and close them every day/evening. The fact that they have controls on the blinds as well makes them even more appealing, wife likes to be able to manually adjust things.

Forgot to ask, @ThirdReality - when you adjust the blinds "manually" via the button controls on the blinds, does that have any effect on using automations? E.g., if the blind is set to fully open via driver command, then manually closed to 50% via controls in the blind, and then a close command is sent from the driver, will that cause any problems w/the blinds closing properly?

When I installed this driver, I got a battery level report (which was the main reason I installed it) and the controls from Hubitat worked as expected. But when I tested the Alexa commands, "open" closed the blind and "close" opened the blind. Is there something askew in the Alexa integration? If so, what would the fix be?

I probably should also mention that the Alexa command performed as expected (e.g. saying "Open" opened the blinds) when using the Built-in Hubitat driver (Generic Zigbee Shade) for the ThirdReality Blind.

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Question…. I installed the drivers and it works great. My rules to close shades at sunset and raise at specific time work great. Can open or close them via devices or dashboard. One problem since I switched to this driver. It doesn’t report position changes. If I refresh in devices it always shows open, regardless of position. Same in dashboard. Any ideas?


I am definitely not a dev and am not at all fluent in groovy, but I was able to get the Open/Close status to update properly by tweaking line 139...

sendEvent(name: "windowShade", value: level == closeLevel ? "closed" : "open")

My tweak (put "100" instead of "closeLevel"):
sendEvent(name: "windowShade", value: level == 100 ? "Closed" : "Open")

I upper-cased Closed/Open so I could verify the results on the Device page

On my C8, this driver is FAR more reliable than using Hubitat's generic driver, so that's a huge win - thank you!

Would it be possible to update the driver so that 100 = Open and 0 =- Closed? That is the typical standard for shades -- if you think of shades as a lighting device (especially blackout shades like these), then it makes much more sense -- 100% = full bright (open) and 0% = full dim/off (closed).

Did we ever get an answer on this? @hydro311 - can you confirm if manual changes to position via buttons on the blind or what looks like a remote messes up w/controlling it from HE? E.g., if the blind is all the way closed, and you manually open it 25%, and then tell it to go to 75% via HE, does the blind stop at 75% or open all the way (trying to move 3/4 of the way regardless of where it currently sits)?

Good question -- I haven't played around with any intermediate positions -- in my use case (bedroom), we always just need the blinds either full open or full closed.

If the Thirdreality rep responds to any of this, hopefully we can re-attack on these questions!

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