[BETA] Sonoff TRVZB driver (automatic reporting WORKING! :) )

I got this TRV a couple of months back but not installed it yet. I was just wondering what currently works? I just want a simple automation to turn on/off the TRV at certains times of the day.

Turning on/off, changing the heating setpoint, and periodically polling the temperatures should be working.
What does not work is the automatic reporting of the setpoint when changed locally from the knob, but as the driver can be configured to poll the TRV and refresh the attributes every 15 minutes, as an example, this should not be a big problem.


Great, that should be fine for me!

They're reduced to £26 on Amazon UK today if anyone needs more.

I am using the kkossev driver for Sonoff TRV on Hunitat C7. The thermostat does not report the current temperatur on the knop. I have tried to follow all your recommendations, but no luck. Can you help?

Config from the log:
Badeværelse gulvvarme [txtEnable:true, logEnable:true, traceEnable:true, alwaysOn:false, advancedOptions:true, healthCheckMethod:2, healthCheckInterval:60, voltageToPercent:true, threeStateEnable:false, temperaturePollingInterval:300, minReportingTime:10, maxReportingTime:3600, forcedProfile:Sonoff TRVZB]

Hi @user7014 ,

Please wait for a week or two, I have recently resumed the work on this driver.

Beside the known problem that the set temperature does not update automatically in HE when changed from the knob, is setting the heatPoint working?

Also, if you click on the Refresh() button, is the heating setpoint updated?

As handling many different thermostats and TRVs in one common driver proved to be inefficient and difficult to troubleshoot, the Sonoff TRVZB thermostat is now supported in a separate, dedicated driver.

The correct link is :

I have also updated the information and the links on the top post. The current'Sonoff Zigbee TRV' driver version is 3.3.0 (2024-06-08).

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After spending a lot of time trying to find out why Sonoff TRVZB works with any other home automation hub (SmartThings, Z2M, etc,..), but not Hubitat - the reason was narrowed down to the HE hubs not responding to the Time cluster (0x000a) ReadAttributes (0x00) command :

Sonoff TRV can not sync its internal clock with the HE hub date and time and considers the pairing process incomplete.

This is how SmartThings V3 hub responds to the same command :

The same problem is observed with Namron (Sunricher) thermostat not syncing the date and time clock.


I have updated the driver to version '3.3.1' '2024/07/09 7:53 PM' - (dev.branch) TimeSync() magic :slight_smile:

After updating the driver, please click on the Configure button.

If the TimeSync() magic works in your environment, the Sonoff TRVZB should start to report automatically the changes in the temperature, heatingSetpoint and thermostatMode.

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If this is so different in HE from others, should the Hubitat staff not modify this behaviour to work as it does on other hubs to give us the best future-proof experience ? Thank you for the great work. I think that I have a TRVZB in my stock and never got it to work. I will retry it in the next days.

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