[BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

I will be going from a C-4 to a new C-7 soon. Can PM be used in helping me migrate?

When you do that the best way is to do a backup of the C4 and restore to the C7. Everything on the 4 will be moved over to the 7...including HPM and any apps.


Not really.

It’s an app that installs (or updates) other apps and drivers on your hub.

Nothing to do with transferring any information from one hub to another.

You "should" be able to restore from the old hub top the new one. The zigbee devices are easy, you'll need to pretend to add them again and they'll work (going to each one). Zwave is not so easy, you'll need to re-add them, but keep the original and then replace them in the restored automations. Afterwards delete the "old" zwave devices. The automations and everything will come over.

@buckchucko, This thread has some excellent information to help you migrate your Z-Wave network. It helped me a lot when I did my migration!


Thanks for all the info.

Now I am not sure if I should migrate, or just add the new C-7 and run dual hubs. I just found Hubmesh but so far not much info about it. But it looks promising to be able to take some load off the C-4 which should make it stable again.

@dman2306 A feature request. I just installed HPM on a new hub. No devices, no Apps, nothing. No reason to Match Up existing apps. Maybe an option to not do a Match Up on an install for this use case?

I'll think about that.

As a note, I have been working on performance improvements to HPM as well. A matchup on my hub used to take 90 seconds to find the matching packages. With the rewrite I'm working on it took 40 seconds. Basically, a match up has to download hundreds of files to do the comparisons. Previously each of these were done one after the other. With the change I am working on now it will download 10 files simultaneously. I'm working on doing this in a few areas where HPM does a lot of network I/O. It should result in a bunch of noticeable performance improvements. That said, it's a fairly major change so it will take some time to thoroughly test.


It’s really fine as-is.


Thanks. However, that’s a matter of opinion. There have been many people complaining about the speed. Regardless, there are better ways to do it than the way I did it so I plan to change it.


Oh man. Haters gonna hate.

It’s a great app and the didn’t have to write it themselves.


This sounds like a cool app! I need some help actually installing it though.

I have gone to the GitHub page here: GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanager

I see README file and it starts with what looks like information on how to manage apps AFTER this package manager is installed, but it doesn't say how to install the package manager itself. So I started poking around and found this file:

I tried to import this file, but it never actually puts anything in the app editor. So I downloaded the file and copy/pasted the code directly. When I try to save it I get this:

unexpected token: < @ line 7, column 1.

Since looking through this thread and not being able to find anyone else asking this I realize I'm the odd man out here, but I have installed other Smart Apps successfully so any pointers are appreciated!


Try importing using


That worked perfectly, thanks!

Did I miss that link in the instructions?

I don’t think so, I just had it bookmarked from when I installed it.

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Now I just need to learn enough about Hubitat that I can find those config screens mentioned......:wink:

Thanks again!

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It's a little slow. But I don't watch it work other than when I install or change configs, which is infrequent. I'm all for increasing performance and reliability, but it's pretty awesome as it is. Those that complain could always just copy/paste after spending the time to find the code from the ends of the internet themselves. :thinking:

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And figuring out what needs updating happens in the middle of the night when I am asleep, so I could care less how fast it runs then. For me, adding apps and drivers is rare.


That's fine, regardless, I'm redoing it. I don't really see a good reason to leave the code inefficient when there is a better and more correct way. We're not in a situation where there are performance issues and I have no clue what to do, I know exactly what the problem is... so why ignore it?


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