[BETA] Hub Failover - AKA an opportunity to protect or destroy your environment

Interesting; I thought that was just used during join.

At any rate I just tried again the scenario of joining a device to my C-7 (running the database of my C-3, with Zigbee disabled). With the C-7 then shutdown and C-3 restarted, that device wouldn't function on the C-3 until it was rejoined on the C-3. I don't have two C-7's to try, but AFAIK they run the same Zigbee stack as the C-3.

Still don't understand how it works (or why I can't make it work), but a welcome surprise, nonetheless.

I also have no explanation for how a Zigbee device would join automatically another Zigbee coordinator that it was paired with before. Probably, step 4 "Create a Cloud Backup of the production hub and restore it on the spare hub" . Probably the PAN ID of the spare hub is set the same as that of the production hub. So the end Zigbee devices are simply re-joining the same network (same Personal Area Network), so no need for new pairing transport encryption keys, etc.. This becomes outside of my area of knowledge.

I can imagine that it is the same rejoin process, as when the Zigbee coordinator changes the Zigbee channel. The end sleepy devices will miss the re-join commands sent by the hub at the time of the channel change, but later when awake - the devices rejoin automatically the same zigbee coordinator, but on the new channel.

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This :point_up:


Yes, that make would sense; I can't duplicate the transfer of the PAN ID in my simple swap scenario.

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